Mantra in the news (2008)


11th February 2008


…Mantra on the Beach Road in Pattaya. To put the place in a single word would be difficult at best but ‘amazing’ gets close, ‘extraordinary’ gets near as well, but even those words don’t describe it.

1st – 15th February 2008

Pattaya Today

To sum up, Mantra is a world-class gourmet destination offering so many gastronomic multiple choices it will have you visiting time and again. The ambience is diverse, dynamic and accommodating…


7th – 13th March 2008

Pattaya Mail

‘There is no other venue in Pattaya quite like it. Its own operating ‘mantra’ is ‘daring to be different’ and it certainly is…’

‘With the almost infinite variety of cuisine available at Mantra, this is an excellent venue for everyone, and the addition of special events, such as the Wine Dinner just heighten the enjoyment. Highly recommended at all times.’

March 2008

My World Magazine


…ที่น่าภาคภูมิใจคือเชฟใหญ่ของที่นี่เป็นคนไทย มิน่าอาหารจึงถึงเครื่องถึงเนื้อ อร่อยแบบไม่มีขาดตกบกพร่อง…

March 2008

In Residence

…I’m sure they had high expectations, but it’s a rare specialty when you surpass even your wildest dreams. At Mantra they have done just that.

Never before has dining out been taken to such a level. Upon entering you are transposed into another worlds; seemingly as though someone sprinkles fairy dust over your head just before you pass through the doors on your way to enchantment. The d?cor is as stunning as the food is mouthwatering.

March 2008

The East of Siam

At Mantra almost everything is possible and you can guarantee it will try to excite with innovation and with such an array of cuisines on offer…

Rolls and BBQ duck which was to my recollection the best I’ve ever tasted.

In wrapping up, Mantra exceeded my expectations and was much better value for money than I expected…

16th –30th March 2008

Pattaya Today

Mantra is an extraordinary destination and consistently wows its patrons with its stunning construction and d?cor. It has proved that innovative culinary concepts can work if executed with professionalism and panache.


6th –12th June 2008

Pattaya Mail

…The sheer physical presence of Mantra is imposing.

We arrived and the valet parking boy took the car, leaving us to be welcomed by the wonderful Mantra ladies and ushered into the cocktail bar area, a veritable fairy tale of brocade and opulence. Truly, there is nothing like it.

What an evening! Great food and great wines are an essential part of dining in the grand manner, and Mantra certainly rose to the occasion.

…A superb evening in superb surroundings. Very highly recommended.


16-31 July 2008

Pattaya Today

The remarkable structure of Mantra Restaurant & Bar (set in the grounds of Amari Orchid Resort & Tower on Beach Road) has been wowing it’s patrons for over two years and provides one of the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan enclaves on the bay. It is the living proof that ambitious, innovative culinary concepts can succeed, if executed with professionalism and panache…

…Our truffle evening was a very grown up affair and exceeded our expectations. The intrinsic taste of truffles is deeply earthy, uninhibited and pungent, which to the refined palate is considered heavenly.

To sum up, we were extremely impressed with our dining out at Mantra’s July truffle promotion…

July 2008

The East of Siam

The bar is also very chic and like the restaurant offers excellent service, good atmosphere, funky tunes and a supreme drinks list to get stuck into.


September 2008

Tropical Living in Thailand

‘Mantra, dared to be different, and does it in such an OTT manner that you become engulfed in its extremes.’

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The bar is also very chic and like the restaurant offers excellent service
There is no other venue in Pattaya quite like it
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